Raquel Arroyo and Jacobo Ayensa participate in the congress Theoretical and Numerical Developments in Cellular Mechanobiology

Our PhD student Raquel Arroyo Vázquez and our postdoctoral researcher Jacobo Ayensa Jiménez participated in the conference on Theoretical and Numerical Developments in Cellular Mechanobiology, which was held in Sevilla from June 3rd to June 5th. They presented some of the work developed in the TME Lab during the last months.

Jacobo gave a talk entitled “A continuum mathematical framework for modelling cellular adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in glioblastoma” in which he presented the framework developed in TME Lab group to simulate cellular adaptation using continuum fields and internal variables. We use our framework to reproduce glioblastoma enhanced aggressiveness due to hypoxia and spheroid culture adaptation to temozolomide. See our published work here:

Glioblastoma and hypoxia:

Temozolomide adaptation:
Fantastic work in collaboration with Marina Pérez, Teodora Randelovic, Iñaki Ochoa and Manuel Doblaré!

 Raquel presented the work entitled “Simulation of glioblastoma evolution in microfluidic devices with an agent-based model” in which we use a specific methodology for deriving Agent-Based Models from continuous ones using elements of probability theory. Our method is able to reproduce both pseudopalisade and necrotic core formation in our microfluidic devices.

A very inspiring collaboration with Marina Pérez, Jacobo Ayensa and Manuel Doblaré.

 They have both enjoyed a great week in the wonderful city of Sevilla and profited the opportunity of sharing their research, ideas and impressions with leading researchers in theoretical and applied mechanics applied to mechanobiology!

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