María VIllota and Jacobo Ayensa participate in the conference organized by the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence

Our Ph.D student María Villota and our postdoctoral researcher Jacobo Ayensa Jiménez have participated in the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence Conference, which was held in A Coruña from June 19rd to June 21th, where they presented some of the work developed in TME Lab during the last months in the use of Deep Learning for biomedical applications.

Jacobo gave a talk entitled “Classification of Prostate Cancer Histopathological Structures by means of Deep Learning” in which he presented the framework developed in TME Lab in the context of the project AI4HealthyAging, for Prostate Cancer diagnosis from histology images using Deep Learning. Prostate Cancer is the most frequent cancer and the third most lethal in men, with increasing incidence over the last years. Indeed, in 2022, the European Commission began to evaluate the implementation of specific screening programs, so Artificial Intelligence tools may play an important role for helping the clinicians in the coming years.

A great collaboration with our colleagues of the Pathological Anatomy and Urology Service at the Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza.

María presented the work entitled ” Image processing and Deep Learning Methods for semantic segmentation of blastocyst structures” in which we use state of the art methods for segmenting the specific structures of the embryo in its blastocyst stage. This technique could automatize some processes conducted during In Vitro Fertilization, in addition to making embryo selection more objective. Moreover, her work has been selected for publication in a special edition of the series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

A collaboration with Jacobo Ayensa, Manuel Doblaré and our colleague Jónathan Heras from Universidad de La Rioja.

They have both enjoyed a great week in A Coruña, known for its exquisite gastronomy, and profited the opportunity of sharing their research, ideas and impressions with leading researchers in the Artificial Intelligence field!

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