Jacobo Ayensa, PhD Defence

March 24, 2022, has been a great day for Jacobo Ayensa, he has obtained the title of doctor after the defence of his thesis directed by Dr. Manuel Doblaré and Dr. M.H. Doweidar, entitled:  Study of the effect of the tumour microenvironment on cell response using a combined simulation and machine learning approach. Application to the evolution of Glioblastoma.

The main objectives of his doctoral thesis are:
– Better understand the processes that govern the progression of GBM using data obtained from microfluidic devices and improve predictions using an approach that combines mathematical models based on physics and data-driven tools
-Adapt the methods of Data Science Informed by Physics to more general contexts and define new techniques that combine the most powerful methods of artificial intelligence with physical knowledge and that also incorporate the treatment of non-measurable internal variables so that they can be adapted to the GBM problem.