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Microfluidic valve, manufacturing procedure and uses thereof P202030624 2020 NO
Connector device for microfluidic circuits P201631295 2016 YES
SU-8 Micro coriolis mass flow sensor NL2016265 2016 NO
Device and microfluidic system for the study of cell cultures P201531607 2015 YES

Use of an adrenomedullin inhibitor for the manufacture of a medicine useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases that reduce bone density

EP15382111.1 2015 NO
Sensor, device and procedure for determining the concentration of solutes in dilutions P201531540 2015 NO
Microfluidic chip, microfluidic device, procedures and associated uses P201531539 2015 YES
Portable analyzer for automatically performing immunoassays, and for analyzing and interpreting the results thereof EP14382404.3 2014 YES
Cell culture device and method associated with said device P201230911 2012 NO
Microfluidic system encapsulation device and method P201231532 2012 YES
Disposable diagnostic card and electronic reading device WO 2013/190155 Al 2012 YES
Method for producing microfluidic devices WO 2012/004423 Al 2010 YES
Cell culture device and microchamber which can be monitored using nuclear magnetic resonance  WO/2011/113980 2010 NO
Metallization process to obtain a microelectrode on a photopatternable substrate and ist biomedica application on an organ transplant monitoring device WO 2009/098242 A1 2009 NO
SU-8 Microneedles for monitoring and stimulating neurons  W O 2011/004047 A l 2009 YES
Micro-device and method for non-invasive and selective separation and  extraction of particles in polydispersed suspensions, production method, and the applications thereof  WO 2009/071733 Al 2008 NO
Method for the production of micro/nanofluidic devices for flow control and resulting device WO/2009/056654 2007 NO